2019 Zenvo TSR-S

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Zenvo has unveiled a new version of its promising supercar which first debuted as the Zenvo ST1 in 2009. The first model was very popular due o its extreme design and awesome power and performance. The model which is built in Denmark was replaced in 2016 by the TS1. The TS1 was a more aerodynamic version of the ST1. In addition, the coupe received significant drive-train changes. In 2017, the automaker released a race-spec version of the TS1 christened Zenvo TSR. Now, in 2018, Zenvo has released a street-legal TSR dubbed the 2019 Zenvo TSR-S. The new model is the most radical street-going car from the Danish automaker. The TSR-S retains the looks of the ST1 but gains the aerodynamics of the TSR. Production will be extremely limited with the automaker planning to build only 5 models every year making as rare as the Koenigsegg.

2019 Zenvo TSR-S

2019 Zenvo TSR-S Exterior

The TSR is an attractive work of art, particularly its front fascia. The model’s grille is larger than that of the TSR; the unit stretches into the splitter. The splitter also adds more aggressive vents on its sides. The new snout and bumper look more attractive. According to Zenvo, the new design improves downforce distribution as it enhances the front downforce and channels air under the vehicle’s belly. The revised bumper, as well as the front wheel air vents, help to stabilize air around the wheels. The Zenvo’s unique headlights have also been retouched; they have a new cluster of small LEDs on the upper corner. The headlights housings are made of carbon fiber. The headlights also feature drag-reducing air ducts and Bi-LED technology. The huge air vents on the hood are identical to those of the TSR but there are thin orange strips for a dose of color on the carbon-fiber parts of the engine hood and bumper.

The flanks have new winglets on the side skirts. There are also new, larger, street-legal side mirrors. The model also features road-going wheels and tires in place of the race-spec units on the TSR.

2019 Zenvo TSR-S

The rear is based on the TSR with slight improvements to enhance aerodynamics. The most significant feature is the wild wing which is mounted on special carbon-fiber masts. The wing is as high as the roof and has a curved shape. The wing features active multi-axis devices which has earned the wing the “centripetal wing” nametag. The wing which is unique to the model features advanced aerodynamics and airflow management. The wing is so advanced that it generates over three times the amount of downforce generated by the TS1 GT. Its two rotational axes enable it to act as a cornering stabilizer as well as an air brake. The rear also features an LMP1-inspired air scoop on the rear hood. Although it looks similar to that of the TSR, the new unit is revised to enhance stability and to take out air from the underbelly of the model. The taillights have been reduced to a single cluster per side to save weight.

2019 Zenvo TSR-S


Like other Zenvos, the TSR-S cabin is minimalistic but driver-focused. Although it is street-legal, buyers can order it as a dedicated race car. The standard model does not feature a navigation system, sound system, airbags, or air conditioning system but these can be ordered at an extra cost. It is like designers planned the model to be a race car but changed their mind at the 11th hour.

The steering wheel is adopted from the TSR and comes with race-inspired switches. Its carbon-fiber seats are wrapped in Alcantara for better grip. Race-ready 6-point harnesses are available.  Interior surfaces have been “undressed” to reveal the carbon-fiber but some few surfaces feature Alcantara. The instrument panel has new graphics and a new rev-counter whose design is borrowed from retro race cars of the 1980s. An aluminum trim is used on the CNC-machined trim parts.

2019 Zenvo TSR-S2019 Zenvo TSR-S

Engine and performance

Under the Zenvo TSR-S’s belly is a supercharged V-8 with a displacement of 5.9 liters; this is the same mill the automaker used on the TSR and TS1. The mill produces 1,177 hp making it the most powerful TSR-S ever. The humongous power enables the supercar to reach 62 mph in under 3 seconds (2.8 seconds) while its top speed is limited to only 202 mph. The power output can be adjusted via three modes: Minimum, Maximum and IQ. In a Minimum mode, the Zenvo coupe produces only 700hp and opens all cylinders to hit 1,177hp in the Maximum mode. The automaker, however, did not disclose how much power the engine produces in the IQ mode. The automaker, however, revealed that the IQ mode features autonomous capabilities that provide race-car characteristics for road driving. The IQ works by assessing grip on the wheels depending on the road and then limits power output to suit the conditions. It could be that the car can determine when it is appropriate to release all the power.

The engine mates to a 7-speed Paddle-Shift gearbox with a dual setup; a driver can select between standard road settings and vicious power-shift settings suitable for the tracks. The gearbox has “helical-cut dog gears”. The powertrain also features enhanced active rear differential as well as superior traction control system that ensures a smooth, fast drive.

2019 Zenvo TSR-S

Price and release date

Pricing of the 2019 Zenvo TSR-S is still unknown; The TS1 GT had a price tag in excess of 1 million and indications are the TSR-S will fetch over $1.5 million. The automaker will produce only 5 models per year.

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