2020 Rimac C Two

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If you think the Rimac-Concept One was bonkers, the Croatia-based automaker’s new hybrid hypercar will leave you speechless. I have seen a lot of extreme concepts but never did I think I would see a road-legal car with almost 2, 000 horsepower or accelerate to 60 mph n under 2.0 seconds, all from an electric drive-train; at least not in this decade. However, automakers have other ideas in mind; Weeks before Rimac debuted their Concept Two, Tesla had surprised us by releasing a new 2020 Tesla Roadster that takes under 2.0 seconds to hit 60 mph making it the first ever car to reach such a milestone. The Roadster only needs 1.9 seconds to be specific. Impressive or outrageous as these numbers for the Tesla Roadster may look, Rimac has beaten them all; the 2020 Rimac C Two comes with an even faster 0-60 mph dash (more of this later) to snatch the coveted crown from Tesla. I knew Rimac was going to produce something special for their second hypercar but to be sincere, I was not expecting what the automaker revealed in Geneva; the “Rimac-Concept Two” is just “out-of-this-world”.

2020 Rimac C Two

2020 Rimac C Two Exterior

The new 2020 Rimac C Two has a new stunning body which is however based on its predecessor, the Rimac Concept One. The design is an evolution of the Concept One aesthetics.  The new car is characterized by a very low and wide stance, huge fenders and a central greenhouse. Carbon fiber is used unsparingly all over the car’s body.

There are butterfly doors that make entry and exit to this superfast beauty easier. The model rides on concave wheels which the automaker says improve aerodynamics and reduces turbulence on the flanks. The design also helps to channel cooling air to integrated ceramic brakes. Both front and rear fascias feature high-intensity LED lights. The headlights feature a collection of 58 hand-built individual LEDs. The headlights also feature a unique ventilation system while the rear features air-outlet tunnels that enhance the vehicle’s aero set-up. The aero system also features an active hood that sips in air via the snout and lets it out via vents up top. Inside the front hood, active flaps alter the aero profile to vary the coefficient of drag either for more efficiency or more cooling.

The front splitter also features active elements to either enhance the cooling effect or efficiency. The C Two has an optimum coefficient of drag of 0.28. The rear spoiler is another active aero element; it rises to add downforce and lowers to reduce drag and support an increase in speed. The rear wing can also lean forward to play the role of an air brake to help slow the C Two in case of heavy braking. The underfloor is flat which creates the aVenturi effect. At the rear of the underfloor, there are active air flaps that help cool the battery pack.

2020 Rimac C Two


Inside, the Rimac C Two relies on facial recognition to start the car; the model does not have a conventional key. The cabin is all-digital. For upholstery, most of the car’s surfaces are either covered by Alcantara or carbon fiber; aluminum billet is used on the switchgear.

The cabin has six screens including a digital readout for the passenger that also offers a chic gaming experience that is a first for a production car. Being super technically-advanced, the hypercar comes with numerous autonomous driving technologies such as evasion control, automatic braking adaptive cruise control, blind-spot monitoring and lane-keep assist. These systems are supported by several sensors including 12 ultrasonic sensors, 6 radar emitters, 2 lidar detectors, and 8 cameras.

For those who intend to try out the Rimac C Two on the tracks, it comes with a “Driving Coach”,  a system that helps the driver navigate the car. The car also comes with over 500 telemetry channels.

The Rimac C Two carries two passengers on its electrically-adjusted sports seats; the seats are also highly bolstered. To enhance its functionality, the model has several storage compartments to ensure you do not leave your vitals behind when you decide to make a country tour.

Engine and performance

Let’s just jump into the statistics that matter the most; the 2020 Rimac C Two drivetrain produces an astonishing 1.914 hp and 1,686 lb-ft of torque. This record-breaking power output for a street-legal car comes from a 120-kWh battery pack that is liquid-cooled. The battery pack is linked with 4 electric motors (one for each wheel) making the Rimac C Two an AWD model. The power enables the model to hit 60 mph in 1.85 seconds on its way to an electronically-limited top speed of 258 mph. The battery pack provides 404 miles of range on a single charge.

The bespoke electric motors have a double permanent magnet design and have an efficiency rating of 97%. Each motor is paired with its own gearbox, a factor that has greatly contributed to the record-breaking acceleration and top speed. At the front, there is a pair of single-speed transmission systems and another pair of two-speed units at the rear.

The model’s chassis comprises a carbon-fiber monocoque and a roof made of bonded carbon fiber. To add strength, the battery pack is amalgamated with the structure. There are also aluminum-made crash structures for extra strength.

Price and release date

Rimac has not revealed when deliveries of the model to well-oiled buyers will start; we, however, know production will be in limited numbers. Considering the model’s extreme engineering, expect a price of not less than $1 million.

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