Arash AF10 Hybrid

Arash AF10 Hybrid The Auctioned Rare Car

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Nowadays, many people can buy a car or maybe some cars in their house. Not only for needed, but also for the hobbies. There are some people who buy the cars for their hobbies, usually not a common car that they buy. But a limited edition car that they buy. The prediction for the price, it will be so expensive. Because they buy it from outside their country, or it can be built in from outside. It can give impact to the price. The car that usually bought is the sport car. The sport car that they buy such as Lamborghini, LykanHypersport, Ferrari, Bugatti Veyron, Zenvo, Koenigsegg, McLaren, Hennessey Venom GT, PaganiHuayra. All of them are the most expensive sport car that becomes loved by car lover. They try to buy such a car, even though they should spend much money to get them. But, it does not become a big problem to car lover who has much money saved. They usually already prepare for saving money become the next car launching. So, they will not lose the chance to get the limited edition car.Did Indonesian know about Arash AF10 Hybrid?

Arash AF10 HybridFor many people in Indonesia may be still so strange with this kind of brand car “Arash AF10 Hybrid”. This is an uncommon brand in Indonesia. This is not familiar in people ears. This is a kind of car, especially this is an electric car. This car is made by British manufacture. This car is using electricity to charge the energy. Even though this is the electric car, this car can move fast. It can be faster than the common car that the energy using gasoline.   This car is made for the highly confident of the driver, so, they will drive comfortably. This car has a capacity for ransacking the market with its incredible power explosion, which is 2080hp. This is fantastic, considering the acceleration that can be done this latest car is 2.8 seconds to go 0-100km/hour. Not only that, Arash also claims that this hybrid AF10 has a speed of more than 323.5 km/hour. It is so crazy, you know?

The best part of this car is generated by a blend of 6.2 liters supercharged 900hp V8 engine with the 1180hp electric motor. So that when it combined will produce 2080hp. Total torque is 2280Nm. So, from this specification of Arash AF10 Hybrid, how much does it cost for buying this kind of car? Certainty, it is not cheap anymore. Actually, you can bring that car around USD 1.600.000 or it is around Rp. 21.4 billion.

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