Maybach Landaulet Concept Review

Maybach Landaulet All of the Sportiness

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There are many kinds of the model sports car. There are jeep car, car racing or two doors car. Jeep car is a big car with the big wheel. Usually, it is used for off-road. Off road is the tracking in the bad street. It can be stony street, sandy street, or Muddy road. Jeep can be used in that bad area. With the big threaded tires, jeep is suitable for that area. But, used in a high way is not suitable, because it has big tires that can make slower in the paved road. Car racing usually has a fast speed. And the tires use the thin tires to make the car fast in the street. The body of this kind of car is small, it is to make the car is light to get a fast speed. Two doors car is different with racing car, even though the size is same with racing car. But from the speed is very different. It is slower than racing car. The sporty car that launch two model of sporty car is Maybach Landaulet. In the previous version, this car is a cabriolet and in the newest version, it is launched as jip model.

Maybach Landaulet Concept Review

Maybach Landaulet is known as an ultra-luxury car. The previously shaped Mercedes-Maybach cabriolet. As is known, a few years ago sub-brand Mercedes-Maybach reborn. Mercedes-Maybach G650 Landaulet is the fourth model after the S-Class, Pullman and S650 Cabriolet were created with Maybach treatment. Mercedes-Maybach G650 Landaulet is made as a special edition. Compared to the regular G-Class, Mercedes-Maybach G650 Landaulet has more leg room, we should say thanks to a longer wheelbase. So, it can bring many people to sit inside this car and also they have a space to move their leg or body. Mercedes-Maybach G650 Landaulet is created with a back seat featuring the same masseur as the S-Class.

Maybach Landaulet Concept Review

The rear roof of Maybach-Landaulet be opened and closed, because of this roof is designed into the folds of fabric electronically. It makes this car so sporty with this openable roof. It so comfortable when we want to feel the fresh air directly without a limit. The front compartment for driver and rear for passengers is separated by a glass partition thereby enhancing the privacy of passengers. In the back seat, there is a container cup with cooling and heating, a 10-inch entertainment screen and a pair of folding tables with leather bandages.

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